New Blog: RiiMix

Hey Dolls,

Unfortunately I have some bad news I will not be posting on this blog anymore. I feel like I have kind of lost my way with it. Instead i thought it best to start fresh with a new blog. This blog will have sort of the same focus. however lately I have made some life style changes and will be documenting that in my new blog.

My new blog is RiiMix and you can get to it by clicking RiiMix

Sorry Dolls and thank you for following.

Rii xx


My First Project

Hey Dolls,

So I wanted to try out my new sewing machine and decided to make a pleated midi circle skirt. I am happy to say that it came out so well for my first try on my new machine. I plan to do a peplum top soon as well. I do want to share with you guys how I make my clothes but because I make my own patterns and not in the traditional way it is better for my to say rather than to write it. So I will be recording tutorials on the clothes I make and posting them hopefully. 



Follow my instagram @rii_alex for sneak peaks of D.I.Ys

Love Rii xx

Introducing My New Sewing Machine!!!!

Hey Dolls,

I have finally got a sewing machine. After years of begging my mum she never got one for me, so I got my own with my first pay check. The struggle to get this machine was so real. On Friday  went to John Lewis in Westfield with my friend. I thought there is no rush let me look, see what else there is and what else the may have, You know just preeing the scenery a bit. As I stood in front of the machine ready to make a purchase, believe I heard ‘It is 8 o’clock. John Lewis is now closing.’ So being in the store I thought I could still get the machine but due to how you have to buy it and blah blah blah I couldn’t. Then as if I wasn’t pissed already some women wanted to talk to me in a patronising tone after she had established that I came from work. Which annoyed me because it meant she realised that I wasn’t 8. I then got over my depression with bubble tea. I was really good, I had the pomegranate flavor, my friend had strawberries and creme.

So the next day I went with my mum, to the same place to find out that they had all been sold out when I got there. I felt like some divine power was like ‘NNNAHHHHH this aint for you.’ But the women (who was a different lady) was really helpful in making me reserve one to pick up the next day.

And so on the Sunday, after two days of struggle, I was able to get my sewing machine. FINALLY.

Nothing can ever be easy can it.

My sewing Machine

My sewing Machine

So look forward to some D.I.Y’s especially because the half term starts on Saturday.

Love Rii

Studio of Spring

image005Hey Dolls,
First I want to apologise for not posting last week. Tuesday I had work which I normally don’t and that is when I write my post for the whole week, also I have a foreign exchange student staying with me at my house and I didn’t want to leave him alone by himself too much. Then I had to do my Deadbeat post and my laptop was just acting stupid. Plus I had a hell of a lot of homework but I am back to normal now :D. As spring is only a month away already, today’s post is on how to get a cute spring style and I’m looking to one of my favorite movies, My Neighbor Totoro, for inspiration.
The outfit that Mei wears is so cute and perfect for spring, match with a giant straw hat and a fresh face and done. Also you can mix up th shirt print for a cool clashing style.
Love Rii xxStudio of Spring

DIY: Hair Detangler

Hey Dolls,

I have had many attempts in my life to try and do the good thing for my hair and go natural. And every single time I failed and it was for one reason only. Combing through my hair. Trust me when I say, I have gone though a lot of different types of combs and no matter what type it is, whether wide tooth or bush, it will some how break. I’ve broken Afro-combs…and that’s made for my hair. So I decided to try detanglers from hair shops….and no, they don’t work either. The only time I can comb through my hair and it not be a task for heavens angels is if it is saturated with water. Which isn’t practical as my hair takes forever and a century to dry and I’m on a ‘not heat’ regiment, plus its freaking cold here in London.

However its is 2014, new year, new methods and so yes, I made my own and to my surprise. It bloody freaking well works and  I thought it is only right for me to share it.

You will need:

2tbsp Castor oil, 3tbsp Coconut oil, 150 ml Water, 2 drops of Lavender essential Oils, jug and a spoon

My Castor oil, coconut oil,  jung/water, lavender oil in order from left to right

My Castor oil, coconut oil, jung/water, lavender oil in order from left to right

Just to note that you can use other oils such as sesame oil, olive oil, macadamia oil and almond oil.


Step 1: measure 150ml and put it in to the jug

Step 2: You want to heat up the coconut oil but butting the bottle under a got tap. If yours is in a glass jar then put some in a cup and put that cup n a bowl of hot water to stand.

Step 3: Measure 3 table spoons of the melted coconut oil and put it in the 150 ml of water.

the castor oil and coconut oil being mixed

The castor oil and coconut oil being mixed together


Step 3: Measure 2 tbsp of castor oil and place in to the jug with water. Mix together. Do not worry if they don’t come together with the water. Water and oil don’t mix….Still mix it though.

Step 4: Add 2 drops  of lavender oil to the mixture and mix.

Step 5: Pour into your spray bottle. Then shake and it’s ready to use.

Pouring and trying to take a picture...not easy.

Pouring and trying to take a picture…not easy.




Now because I decided to use coconut oil which solidifies after it cools The oil sits at the top and goes hard and i cant shake it.  This is good because if I don’t want to use it for detangling but just want to add moisture to my hair i just give my hair a couple sprits and it has water moisture with oil keep it there all day. If i want to detangle i fill a bowl or the sink with hot water leave it for a minuet and its ready to use.

That’s it, pretty simple.

The spray bottle in hot water.

The spray bottle in hot water.

Lupita Nyong’o Red Carpet Charm

Hey Dolls,

Now, I just had to make a post on how AHMAZZING Lupita looks on the read carpet. She first stunned us with her bright Red Ralph Lauren cape dress and next at the SAG awards with Gucci’s striking turquoise blue gown. Both of these outfits compliment the radiance in her skin tone so well. Ralph Lauren and Gucci really hit the mark on theses dresses simple silhouettes and exquisite elegance.


I love the styling of her hair, it just compliments the beauty of the straight neckline

I seriously don’t believe I have seen anyone wear colour so well.

She wears and styles her outfits with such elegance that she even puts swans to shame.

New Stencil

Hey Dolls,

I’ve been drawing again and I decided to try out different stencils. I’m loving the stencil for the back. I really need a lot of practice though, I’ve been slacking way too much.

20140107_011032 20140107_011109 20140105_234936

Love Rii xx

A New Year, A Better Me

Kitty under a tree

Kitty under a tree

Hey Dolls,

Sorry for being so absent, especially during the festive season. I hope that you all had a great Christmas and a fantastic start to the new year. At the end of festivities most of us make a new years resolution. The most ones that I see are ‘A new year, a new me.’ Sod that resolution. For me it’s A new year, a BETTER me. So one of my first resolutions is to post more. I mean honestly, I’m terrible when it comes to posting. Also before I mentioned that I will start a Youtube channel and it looks like it will happen. I hope you guys will like it, I’m so nervous about it. On top of that I will be a part of a new online magazine that I will be starting with my friends called ‘Deadbeat’. I will be doing the fashion section but there will also be music, photography and illustrations. I’m so excited about this.

My second resolution is to be more healthy, lord knows how long this one would last. But I will try for as long as I can. Along with the being more healthy, no more hair straightening. My hair had so much heat damage so I am trying to avoid heat as much as possible.

And lastly to be happy. That also means doing what it takes to be happy…which means I should study because I will break down if I don’t make it in to uni this year.

So in all ‘A New Year, A Better Me’


Missing You: 2NE1

Hey Dolls,

I am so mesmerised right now.

2NE1 just released there new video and I love the video. The fashion in this video just seems like art. The part where Bom walks through the white setting in all red is such a powerful image. This video is so well put together, you can tell every detail was well thought of. The fashion feel reminds me of their ‘I Love You’ video.

Love Rii xx